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Order Python Programming Assignment Order Python Programming Assignment 1. You must turn in your program listing and output for each program set. Start a new sheet or sheets of paper for each program set. Each program set must have your student name, student ID, and program set number/description. All the program sets must be printed and submitted together with your Exam 4. Once you complete your Exam 4 and leave the classroom you will not be able to submit Homework 4. Late homework will not be accepted for whatever reasons you may have. ******************************************************************************************************************************** for this homework, you are also to submit All Program Sets to Canvas under Homework 4 link ******************************************************************************************************************************** a. Name your file : for Program Set 1. PS means program set b. You still have to submit the paper copy together with the rest of the Homework 4. c. You have till 11:59pm the night before the day of Exam 4 to submit all Program Sets to Canvas. If the deadline is past, Program Sets will not be graded even if you submit the paper copy on time. d. You must submit both hardcopy and upload the Program Sets to Canvas to be graded. If you only submit the hardcopy or only upload to Canvas you will receive a zero for the Program Sets. You must submit all the hardcopies of all Program Sets of Homework 4. e. if you do not follow instructions on file naming provided in this section you will receive a zero for the whole of Homework 4. 2. You must STAPLE (not stapled assignments will not be graded resulting in a zero score) your programming assignment and collate them accordingly. Example Program set 1 listing and then output, followed by Program Set 2 listing and output and so on. 3. Please format you output properly, for example all dollar amounts should be printed with 2 decimal places. Make sure that your output values are correct (check the calculations). 4. Each student is expected to do their own work. IF IDENTICAL PROGRAMS ARE SUBMITTED, EACH IDENTICAL PROGRAM WILL RECEIVE A SCORE OF ZERO. Grading: Each program set must run correctly syntactically, logically, and display the correct output as specified. If the program set does not run correctly, a zero will be given. For each Program set, if the program executes properly with proper syntax, logic, and displays the correct output, then points will be deducted for not having proper: a. Comments (1 pt deducted for each occurrence) – Your name, description at the beginning of each program set. Short description of the what each section of your codes do. b. Consistency/Readability (2 pts deducted for each occurrence) – Spacing(separate each section of codes with a blank line – Indentation – Style (proper naming of variables no a,b,c – use descriptive and mnemonics) -each function must include type hints or annotations except for the main() -include docstrings for every function c. Required elements (2 pts deducted for each occurrence) – Use tools that have been covered in class – proper formatting for output when specified – all monetary values must be in 2 decimal places Order Python Programming Assignment d. Output  if no output is provided for either the hardcopies or uploaded file, a zero will be given for that program set.  Output must to be displayed at the end of the program listing(codes)  must use test cases when provided in the Program set question. Provide your own test cases if the program set does not ask for any. The minimum test cases you provide on your own is 5 or more. If you provide less then 5 test cases per Program Set then that program set will receive a zero grade. Program Set 1 (40 points) Write list functions for items a to j that carry out the following tasks for a list of integers. a. Swap the first and last elements in the list. b. Shift all elements by one to the right and move the last element into the first position. For example, 1 4 9 16 25 would be transformed into 25 1 4 9 16. c. Replace all even elements with 0 (zeroes) d. Replace each element except the first and last by the larger of its two neighbors. e. Remove the middle element if the list length is odd, or the middle two elements if the length is even. f. Move all even element to the front, otherwise preserving the order of the elements. g. Return the second largest element in the list. h. Return true if the list is currently sorted in increasing order. i. Return true if the list contains two adjacent duplicate elements. j. Return true if the list contains duplicate elements (which need not be adjacent). The main() function to test each of the functions is included here for you. You must use the same function names that is provide for you below. Using other function names will result in a zero for this program.

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